ActivTek AP3000 Air Purification System

As more businesses and facilities are now re-opening and schools are prepping for another year, more is being discovered about how COVID-19 is spread through the air than previously assumed. Originally thought to have a range of 6-10 feet, it has now been learned that this virus more accurately is airborne for greater distances and longer periods of time in the smallest of aerosolized droplets.

Sprayers and foggers are already being used in the fight against COVID transmission on surfaces. But what can be done about airborne transmission? The remarkable, completely safe AP3000 air purification system from ActivTek  Environmental could be the solution for your facility. It uses a blend of technologies – including ones developed at NASA – with the main one being radial catalytic ionization or bipolar ionization. This process creates positive and negative ions that are dispersed into a treated area. These ions attach themselves to particulates in the air and on surfaces (dust, bacteria, viruses, etc) effectively, dropping, reducing or eliminating them from the treated area.

Additionally, approximately 90% of viable viruses were inactivated after 60 minutes of exposure to this technology.

Now, more importantly than ever, consider how you can improve your facility’s disinfection and indoor air quality by putting the Activtek AP3000 to work for you around the clock.

ActivTek AP 3000