Essential for Winter – Ice Melt Residue Remover

There are many signs of winter, but one of the most prevalent is the white hazy, chalky residue found inside the entrances of buildings across the Midwest. Whether it’s your first winter in Minnesota or your sixtieth, many people don’t what this substance is or how do get rid of it. That white powdery build-up that’s dulling your floors is ice melt residue, tracked in by everyone who trudged through the ice melt outside.

Our most popular cleaning chemical during the winter is Misco’s Ice Melt Residue Remover. The remover works by being slightly acidic, which neutralizers the alkalinity of the ice melt residue. As we learned back in Chemistry class, an acid plus a base makes a neutral pH, which is what we’re looking for in cleaning.

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Ice Melt Residue Remover