FYI: Aqueous Ozone

Aqueous ozone is the combination of plain tap water and ozone gas. Oxygen from the air is converted into ozone and mixed with regular, cold tap water to form aqueous ozone. When sprayed onto a surface, the ozone is attracted to soils, germs, and other contaminants. Once attached to the soils, the ozone eliminates them through oxidation and then converts back to oxygen and water. More specifically, an electric corona discharge generator is used to split O2 into free oxygen atoms (O1). The free oxygen atoms then link up with oxygen molecules to form ozone (O3) — similar to what happens in the earth’s atmosphere during a lightning storm. Infuse that ozone into water and it creates aqueous ozone, a powerful, green, chemical-free cleaning and deodorizing solution.

We’ve been using aqueous ozone for over 100 years to purify drinking water. The problem is that in the past we didn’t have the technology to be able to use aqueous ozone in a traditional cleaning environment. Once aqueous ozone is generated, it has a short shelf life before it naturally converts back to oxygen and water. However, today many companies are offering different options and Papco is proud to offer the best technology for your cleaning and sanitizing needs.

The TomCat Sport with ZerO3 technology combines a traditional autoscrubber with an on-board aqueous ozone generator.

CleanCore Solutions offers aqueous ozone technology that can be installed for use with laundry facilities or ice machines, plus they offer on-site, on-demand aqueous ozone with their PowerCaddy.