FYI: Microfiber

Microfiber is commonly made with a variety of polyesters. The fibers of which are split on a microscopic level, creating microscopic grooves and crevices in which to trap fine dirt and dust. This of course makes microfiber a great product to clean with, but in order to make get the best performance, it’s important to follow these rules. At Papco, we carry microfiber cloths, wet mops, and dust mops. Stop by to find the right cleaning solution for you!

Do not wash in hot water: Since microfiber is made up of polyester, hot water will cause the fibers to melt and fuse, therefore losing your microscopic crevices.

Only wash with other microfiber products: Cotton fibers from regular mops will come off in the wash and wrap themselves around the fibers, decreasing the surfaces to pick up dust and dirt.

No heavy chemicals, bleach, or fabric softener: Over time, the harsh chemicals such as those contained in bleach and the use of fabric softeners will reduced the performance and longevity of the microfiber products.

If using a dryer, do not use a heat cycle: Chose “Air Dry” or “Air Fluff”: Similar to washing in hot water, hot air will cause the fibers to melt and fuse together.