Kutol Pro – Industrial Hand Care Program

In the course of a typical day, cleaning and maintaining a facility can leave your hands pretty grimy.  Therefore, reaching for a hand cleaner that productively gets hands clean and still leaves your skin healthy and feeling comfortable is important for all of us.

Papco can help with Kutol’s line-up of Industrial Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners. These Hand Cleaners were formulated to outperform the competition in removing the toughest industrial soils, including grease, oil, paint, automobile fluids, and adhesives. We can help you find the Hand Cleaner that’s right for your facility.

Two of the more popular ones are Red Blast and Walnut Scrub. At Papco, we use the Walnut Scrub in our repair shop and it cuts through machine grease and grime like a dream.

Kutol Pro Industrial Brochure

Red Blast

Walnut Scrub