PowerCaddy from CleanCore – The Future of Green Cleaning

The PowerCaddy from CleanCore Solutions is a great machine for generating on-site, on-demand Aqueous Ozone to clean, sanitize, and deodorize any surface. Read more about Aqueous Ozone. One of the benefits of Aqueous Ozone is no storage, mixing or transporting chemicals! And after you’re done, it simply reverts back to oxygen and water! Therefore reducing your carbon footprint and making it truly a ‘green’ way to clean!

The PowerCaddy offers a 12 gallon fresh water tank and a 12 gallon recovery tank, which is perfect for large facilities. It comes with a vacuum wand and hose, for easy clean up. Also included is a pump up spray bottle for use with the on-board Aqueous Ozone generator.

POWERCaddy Brochure